Ireland vacation

June 1st - June 8st, 2002

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My vehicles   pics  
On the road   pics  
Clare Island   pics  
Cliffs of Moher   pics Kilkee
'Pub World Cup Experience' 1st: Brazil beats Turkey in an entertaining match 2:1



Ring of Kerry   pics  
Ring of Beara   pics  



'Pub World Cup Experience' 2nd: Ireland, yesssssss (1:1 draw against Germany); Robby, you're the greatest!
Drank a Kilkenny beer to experience Irish culture, distgusting, buaaaaa



Dublin   pics


'Pub World Cup Experience' 3rd: France is in reeeal troubles now (0:0 against Uruguay)
Drank a Guinness... even more disgusting than Kilkennys
'Pub World Cup Experience' 4rd: Another Highlight for British: England beats Argentina in a crucial match 1:0. David, you did it!
Last try to learn enjoying (Irish) beer: drank a Carlsberg, and - surprising - I liked it a little


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